Apple Pay Extending to Costa Rica BAC Credomatic Testing in Finishing Phase

Apple Pay support to Costa Rica for the first time. BAC Credomatic testing is in the finishing phase to set up Apple Pay support for Master and Visa cards.

Inside News

  • Apple Pay service will work in Costa Rica for the first time.
  • BAC Credomatic Testing is in Finishing Phase
  • BAC Credomatic is continuously testing Apple Pay support for both Master and Visa cards

It is reported that BAC Credomatic is currently passing from the testing phase with Visa and Mastercard and is near to launch Apple Pay in Costa Rica, Central America for the first time.

Central America is the only region in the United States of America where Apple Pay support is not available. But now, Apple has decided to launch the feature in those countries also.

9to5Mac that is known for its authentic news about Apple has reported that BAC Credomatic is near to completion with their testing phase for Apple Pay support to Mastercard and Visacard users who have access to the bank’s TestFlight beta app.

According to an official working in Apple Inc., only Master and Visacard are accepted for now. Although the Apple Pay feature hasn’t been enabled for its customer yet.

However, the bank also hasn’t yet confirmed anything. It’s just a thought that it could take a few months to fully set up Apple Pay available to Costa Rica, Central America.

Apple Pay support will allow the BAC Credomatic users to make virtual payments using their iPhone and Apple Watch, while, it is also a rumor that later, online payment support will also be available for those who use Macs and iPads to make payments.

Apple Pay service is one of the best iPhone app that Central America is still missing out on, but the citizens have to show more patience, soon it’s time to get the feature activated on their iPhones and other iOS devices.

The analysts have a viewpoint if BAC Credomatic is the only bank that is bringing Apple Pay to Costa Rica for the first time then, it should expand the service to all over Central America like

Apple Pay set up can be made within a few seconds, it is so simple, just you will need to add MasterCard and VisaCard to the Apple Wallet and you are ready to go.

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