Spain is the Latest in Race to Put ‘COVID Passports’ in the Apple Wallet

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  • Spain is the latest country that added support for COVID-19 passport into the Wallet app.
  • Putting passport into the Wallet app will make the process easier for people to entering other countries.
  • Travelers will still need to carry a passport or other identification.

Spain has enlisted itself in the list of European countries that are supporting the COVID – 19 Passport inside the iPhone’s Wallet app that is an ultimate digital certificate for its citizens to travel between the European Union.

The Spanish passport is recognized in almost more than 30 countries across Europe. Recently the Spanish government has allowed people to travel across the European countries with their passport on one condition, and that is:

The certificate can be issued to every citizen but they have to prove:

  • Either they are vaccinated against COVID-19
  • Recovered from the disease
  • Or recently have a negative PCR COVID – 19 test within the last couple of days

To make the process transparent,

The Spanish government has added support for storing COVID-19 passports into the Apple Wallet app.

Spain’s Ministerio de Sanidad, Consumo Y Bienestar Social said that storing a passport in the new Apple Wallet App will make the entry process easier and quicker while traveling between other countries. Those who avoid will likely notice that the entry process is slower.

Downloading the new EU COVID digital passport seems like visiting a website and then opting to receive a “Certificado Digital.”

Many countries around the world have adopted the Apple Wallet approach for their COVID-19 passports. The technique is great for making it easier and faster to display them on demand. Although, the local authorities have also provided the passport app they are not too good as Apple Wallet. Putting a COVID-19 passport into the Wallet app is a no-brainer.

According to the BBC News in July, the COVID – 19 Passport is available in all 27 member nations – plus Switzerland, Iceland, Norway, and Liechtenstein.

COVID passport is available in all 27 member nations – plus Switzerland, Iceland, Norway, and Liechtenstein.

It’s free EU citizens, and non-EU nationals legally staying or living in the member states (with the right to travel to other member states) can download it or obtain a paper copy.

Anyone holding the certificate will be exempted from the testing and quarantine during crossing the border within the European Union.

Your privacy is fully secured for the COVID Certificate. Each COVID certificate contains a unique QR code for each individual where the vaccine information (about the hospital, test center, etc.) is stored. Whenever the certificate is checked by any official at the airport, for example, personal information is not stored locally.

England is not the part of European Union but It still has its own digital certificate, the citizens can avail of this in the NHS App.

While Scotland and Wales haven’t yet created their Digital certificate, they are still relying on paper passports.

However, the Spanish citizens can request their COVID Digital Certificate here. Just following the simple steps, choose “Certificado Digital” and at the end of the process choose the language (Spanish or English) to receive the certificate via text. After that, it can be added to the Apple Wallet easily.

Spanish COVID - 19 Passport/Certificate
COVID Digital Passport Apple Wallet App
Spanish COVID – 19 Passport/Certificate

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