Why did India ban 59 Chinese apps including TikTok, Helo, and WeChat?

Core Reasons Behind Banning Chinese Apps in June 2020

We all know that TikTok, Helo and WeChat banned in India including the other 59 Chinese Apps but why India did block these apps. What are the core reasons for banning Chinese apps?

There are not one but many reasons behind the ban on 59 Chinese Apps by the Indian Government. However, there came Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Zhao Lijian reaction over banning 59 Chinese apps by the Indian Government.

Analyzing both sides of the world superpowers apparently, the active ban looks a social and economic boycott of China but there are number other reasons like:

Why did India ban 59 Chinese apps

  • Ongoing tensions at the border with the Chinese troops.
  • Chinese used to access personal user data and locations of all the users who use these apps through their phones in India.
  • These apps were extremely dangerous for the Indian army to have Chinese apps in their phones, which could jeopardize the security of our Armed forces.
  • These said Chinese apps had no privacy and nothing stops them from handing over their user data to the Chinese government as there is a communist government which is can ask for any data and the companies would have to comply.
  • China makes money through these apps and the Indian Government wants to put a dent in the Chinese economy.
  • On banning Chinese apps, there is an opportunity for Indian firms to launch new and promote their own ongoing social media apps.

How to Download and Install 59 Banned Apps in India

Now, how Indian users can download and install all these apps in their smartphones:

We are assuming that you know everything about what is VPN and how it works?

The Indian users can use any reliable VPN service to download and install all these 59 banned apps in India in their smartphones. If you do not have installed any VPN service in your smartphone then here is a list of best VPN applications you should use in your smartphone. Personally, I am using ExpressVPN that works best for me.

When somebody can use all these apps with a simple VPN app, then why Indian Government would have made it a big concern to ban TikTok, We Chat, UC Browser and UC News and all other apps? It’s just that banning them from PlayStore makes it harder for common people to use them and download them, as most of the common people don’t use a VPN.