Everything new in the iOS 17.5 update you need to know

Over a month has now passed after iOS 17.4 was launched, which not only introduced new emojis and tweaks for Americans, but turned out to be a real game changer in European Union. To follow the directives of Digital Markets Act, iPhones with iOS version 17.4 and above support third-party app stores plus browser engines, they have fresh policies and terms for App Store applications installed on them, along with many other things.

The iOS 17.5 update doesn’t come with as many groundbreaking features as other releases have had; however, there are some exciting additions which users living both here states as well as across seas may like. Additionally, this version could very well be his final one until who knows when because at WWDC happening next month there shall unveil ios 18 meaning they might slow down on their development pace. This article will provide you with some information on what’s new in iOS software version 17.5.

iOS 17.5 New features

Apple is again making significant moves within the EU with its latest unique attribute-this time around you can download app downloads off developers’ webpages other than restricting oneself only up until now to doing so within an App Store. Yet again though American consumers too have had certain additions to what they are capable of getting their hands on elsewhere. Apple Inc., together with Google Inc., have come up with cross-platform tracking detection service consequently enabling notifications sent whenever someone is carrying an AirTag or another maker’s Bluetooth device which they are not actually owning irrespective of the OS running on it.

In order for a shattered iPhone to be mailed out, the upcoming Repair State mode can enable users to retain Find My and Activation Lock while affording technical support access to their device; five more themes have been added which are pride month wallpaper colors. In the same vein, some goodies await those who subscribe into Apple News+.

  • Apple News+ Offline Mode: Access your Today feed and News+ tab even without internet connection.
  • Quartiles: Play a new and original daily word game available in Apple News+.
  • News+ Puzzles Scoreboard: Track your progress and compete with others! See stats and streaks for Crossword, Mini Crossword, and Quartiles.

iOS 17.5 security updates

In iOS 17.5, there are over a dozen security updates addressing AppleAVD (the audio and video decoder), FindMy, Maps, and Notes with some important fixes as well as two critical patches where hackers may execute any code.

  • Impact:
    • Applications may crash unexpectedly.
    • An attacker could potentially execute unauthorized code on the system.
  • Fix: The issue has been addressed by improving how memory is handled.
  • Impact: An attacker with complete control over the system could bypass Pointer Authentication.
  • Fixed: Improved checks were implemented to address the issue.

iOS 17.5: How to install

You may get a request to download and install iOS 17.5 at some point. However, this process may take longer than anticipated, even up to weeks. To update right away, use these steps:

  • Open Settings.
  • Tap General.
  • Tap Software Update.
  • If an update is available:
  • Tap Download and Install (or Install Now if pre-downloaded).
  • Enter your passcode (if prompted).
  • Your iPhone will restart after the update completes.