How to turn a Video into a GIF on Apple devices

Animated GIFs are now common online. These consecutive, soundless, video clips made their debut in the year 1987 and can be found all over the internet ranging from social media platforms to messaging apps; they often times serve as means of conveying feelings, concepts or simply for humour purposes.

GIF files are quick to load because they are so short and play automatically, thus they communicate immediately at no effort on the part of the viewer. Moreover, with the Apple’s Shortcuts app, one can easily and quickly turn video clips into GIFs without downloading anything on his or her iPhone and iPad.

Here how to turn your video in gif:

  • Open the Shortcuts app.
  • Search for “Video to GIF” in the Gallery tab and tap “Add Shortcut.”
  • Run the shortcut from the My Shortcuts tab.
  • Choose the video clip you want to convert from your photo library.
  • Trim the video (if needed) and tap “Save.”
  • Tap “Share” to save the GIF image or choose a sharing method.

If you are interested in having more control over how your own GIFs are made, it might be worth considering using a specialized GIF creator tool like GIPHY. This application comes without any charges and has other features like the use of stickers and effects on your creations.

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