Apple Shared its App Store Transparency Report 2023

Today, Apple released its second yearly report [PDF] on app store showing the figure of applications declined in the past year, the extent of customer and developer’s accounts that got disabled, the number of apps stripped off from the App Store and others.

In 2023, the total number of apps available was 1,870,119, whereas Apple, in the course of that year only reviewed a total of 6,892,500 app submissions. Moreover, out of all the 6,892,500 app entries reviewed during the said year, Apple rejected back most of them which included 1,763,812 apps due to reasons such as performance and design among others. However Apple did approve 277,923 of these apps on condition that alterations be made by respective developers.

In the App Store, 116,117 apps were recently taken down. The most popular categories for removal were Utilities, Games, and Business. The biggest reason apps disappear lately is because they break the design only principle, which applies to Guideline 4.0. About fraud case these include details where necessary with reference given. For instance: 76,887 apps from this platform broke it thus could not afford to stay up while 35, 245 others failed because of doing things like stealing clients money through various ways.

In accordance with requests by the South Korean and Chinese governments, Apple took down 1285 apps and 103 apps, respectively. Besides, in different countries ranging from India to Lithuania including Indonesia and Ukraine among others, governments requested for more removals.

On average, 398,499,012 Customer accounts search the App Store in a week and 166,360 Apps appear in top ten results of at least 1000 searches every week. For instance, Apple announced that it has closed 373,739,771 customer accounts earlier last week, in addition saved enormous amount of funds.

For additional details on the figures for Apple’s app store, read through the entire document.[PDF]