Apple Starts Pulling Parts for iPhone 13 production before expected Launch September

Apple iPhone 13 release date: iPhone 13 is expected to be launched on the fourth Friday of September 2021, with the four iPhone 13 models and mmWave 5G. Apple will launch iPhone 13 according to its schedule as compared to last year’s COVID-19-hit plans.

Inside Article:

  • Apple is continuously contacting parts suppliers ahead of iPhone 13 production.
  • Apple is going to announce four iPhone 13 models
  • Unofficially, If the iPhone 13 release date follows Apple’s pattern for previous launches, you can expect this device to hit shelves on the fourth Friday of September 2021.

According to the new report, Apple has set the production wheels in motion and soon in September 2021, you will see the millions of iPhone 13 smartphones stockpiled in its warehouse.

So, the iPhone 13 launch date can be expected on the fourth Friday of September 2021, according to the previous iPhone’s launching patterns.

According to Citing supply chain sources, DigiTimes, Cyntec, which is already taking business from Apple has reported that iPhone 13 is expected to be launched before this fall. The company is set to post a 25% revenue increase for the second quarter of 2021. All credit goes to the iPhone parts order.

Not only, had the company already gained a 30% increase in its revenues in the first quarter.

It is a rumor that Apple is getting various parts from the suppliers to begin mass production for its four iPhone 13 models. Apple will have to stockpile millions of iPhones before September.

According to Cyntec, DigiTimes says, the company is continuously providing part for mmWave 5G support to various countries. While mmWave 5G is only supported in the USA since using the iPhone 12.

Cyntec secured itself to get more orders from Apple in the 3rd quarter as over 50% of this year’s latest iPhones will be launched with 5G mmWave communication to empower the technology, said the sources.”

Apple always tries to maintain its launch schedule, as the last year the iPhone 12 launch was a bit awry because of the COVID-19 spread in the world. That’s why Apple missed its normal September window but right now, no issue is expected this time.

In terms of DigiTimes says that

Global smartphone shipments are likely to grow 6.4% to 1.32 billion units in 2021, of which 5G models will expand 70-80% to 500-530 million units, according to the latest forecast of Digitimes Research.

The sources are saying that the iPhone 13 lineup will offer the best iPhone Apple has ever sold, it’s all because of mmWave 5G support, design and camera improvement, and a 120Hz ProMotion display for a smoother scrolling experience.