How to Politely End a Call on iPhone

If you’re using an iPhone and want to end a call politely, here is a cool little trick you can use. Keep reading for instructions on how to mimic lost connection.

When you drop a call on iPhone, the receiver will observe a text on their phone that read “Call Ended”; thus, this shows that the call was disconnected deliberately since “Call Failed” would be seen due to poor network if it was unintentional.

How about you opt to end a phone call without appearing to have disconnected in a hurry? Actually, you are able to achieve this even on an ‌iPhone‌ by use of Airplane mode. Once Airplane mode takes effect during an active call, that call is dropped immediately and to the person you are speaking to from the other end gets a message that reads “Call Failed.” Looks like it ended bad on their side, if you know what I mean. I know it is cunning of me; however I have tried this trick out before so many times and it works.

It is easiest for you to activate Airplane Mode through Control Center. What you do is swipe downward from the top right corner of your screen (this would mean upwards in case your ‌iPhone‌ has the Home button). Next tap on an airplane-like icon which will make it turn orange while turning off the green colored telephone sign next to it showing that you have no signal from any other source but yourself or any other regular phone carrier out there – our beloved AT&T. Thereafter there shall be a plane’s logo instead of your usual cellular service provider’s name at the top left hand side of the handset’s display.

Apple Airplane mood

If everything is working correctly the call should stop immediately. The only message another person will see at their end reads ‘failed’. This means that if you are still visible, most likely Wi-Fi calling has been activated; just touch the WiFi icon in control centre to turn off WiFi calling.