Did you miss these 5 surprises at Apple’s iPad event?

If you’ve followed all the rumors that were floating around ahead of Apple’s Let Loose iPad event, iPad Pro and iPad Air in 11- and 13-inch were just around the corner with an improved Apple Pencil, a new Magic Keyboard that had been updated, and fresh chips, stated by Macworld. However, several things came up during its unveiling that nobody saw coming – not mind-blowing stuff or anything but enough significant details for us to look at those products differently.

Prices which didn’t go up

“The 11-inch iPad Air did not increase in price, which is a good thing for customers. However, the 13-inch iPad Air sold this year costs $799, which is the only selling point because it has never been sold before and hence unprecedented.”

It’s hard to believe, but the price isn’t changing! While Apple Pencil Pro has many new features, it costs as much as the old Apple Pencil – just $129. It is an amazing price for functionality enhancements.

The biggest surprise of all? The 10th-gen iPad got a $100 price cut, down to $349, which makes it just $20 more than the 9th-gen iPad that is no longer available.

Apple iPad with magic keyboard

Single camera is back

The iPad Pro no longer has a 10MP ultra-wide camera. It has disappeared completely, leaving only a 12MP wide camera. We cannot tell how frequently it was used; however, this year is the first time since 2020 when there is no sign of it. A better step would have been for Apple to enhance it at least to 48MP wide camera like those found in new iPhones so as to provide this option for 2x optical “crop zoom”. Also lacking in the cellular models is mmWave 5G — but most likely even if you remove it from there many people will not care.

M4 misses a core

When you purchase an iPad Pro which is having storage less than 1TB, it comes with 8GB RAM; if you purchase the 1TB or 2TB version, then 16GB RAM will be yours – similar to what transpired on the M2 iPad Pro of last year (2022). But what isn’t the same is that you get a lesser M4 processor too.

More storage for the same price

Since the M2 iPad Pro was unveiled 18 months ago and its price increased, isn’t it a good thing that they have removed the 128GB model from the lineup and now the iPad Pro comes with only 256GB as the starting capacity? This kind of makes the $200 rise soften a bit; not much really. None of such tablets should offer as little as 128GB for this price.

Lighter like Air

In the past, the 11-inch iPad Pro weighed slightly more than the 10.9-inch iPad Air, being just 5 grams above it enough to be considered as of it up by weight. However, the latest version of it weighs 18 grams less. The 13-inch models are even more varied. According to information provided regarding the 13-inch iPad Air, the older 12.9-inch iPad Pro was almost 10 percent heavier while the current 13-inch iPad Pro is still slightly lighter by a few percentages. However, at 579 grams it’s almost 103 grams lighter than the M2 and 38 grams less heavy than.Apple is thin and light