How Apple is taking Siri into the modern era “RenAIssance:”

Siri, Apple’s artificial intelligence, is going to be developed and improved drastically with a lot of new machine learning. Initially, Siri acted as an important means through which iPhone and Apple ecosystem were introduced to users. With time, however, the former gloss of this virtual assistant faded, especially when it came next to Google Assistant whose performance was far better.

In the past years, the advent of ChatGPT and other large language model artificial intelligence endeavours has triggered an AI rush. Now that the likes of Siri appear stagnant with competitors eclipcing it, expectations are high for significant adjustments on their part if they are still to be called smart features.

According to Apple insider, a report from the New York Times says that Craig Federighi and John Giannandrea, among other top officials, went through ChatGPT from January to February 2023 and according to sources, ChatGPT made it seem as if Siri were old hat then.