Black Ops Cold War: How to Play Outbreak Mode

Loot, thrive, and survive, is what the Outbreak mode in Black Ops Cold War needs. It is nothing like the zombie modes you’ve seen in the Call of Duty series. Its map is much bigger, and that’s where creativity meets survival.

You strive to survive and complete objectives around the map at the same time. That’s one of the differences.

The most thrilling part of Outbreak is that you must face many zombies. But once you understand how to play Outbreak mode better with some tips and tricks, the zombies can’t do much. So, if you want to make the most of your Black Ops gameplay, we advise you to try these cod black ops cold war hacks

Meanwhile, read on to learn more about Outbreak

How to Play Outbreak Mode

Here is how to play Outbreak mode.

1.   Explore the Map and Understand the Gameplay

The outbreak is a vast world experience where you’ll discover rewards by playing the objectives. You can find loot chests that can reward you with armor salvage perks. You’ll encounter a lot of random events, including boss fights, etc.

Unlike other Call of Duty zombie modes, Outbreak offers numerous vehicles to aid you to traverse the open world map. You can crush zombie swarms with the vehicle for fun. If you’re playing as a team, you and your team can loot zombie-infested areas, gain resources, and grow stronger.

With the power and gears, you can complete the given objectives in the game. Furthermore, you’ll gain resources and unlock a beacon location to enter a new location with another difficulty level.

You could attempt an X-fill; this allows your team to jump into a chopper and escape the outbreak session. Once you can understand the gameplay, playing Outbreak becomes easy.

2.   Understand How You Can Complete the Objectives

As you explore different areas in this game mode, you’ll discover objectives you can complete with your team. The outbreak comes with five objectives. They include Holdout, Retrieved, Defend, Escort, and Eliminate.

●      Holdout

Once you enable the Holdout objective, your team is sent to a holdout spot in the dark ether. Your team must survive in that spot, keeping zombies away from swarming you.


You’ll look after doors and windows. Once you complete the objective, you’ll return to your location on the main map.

●      Retrieved

In Retrieved, your team must retrieve and load canisters into a mobile missile. Once successful, the launcher fires the missile.

●      Eliminate

In Eliminate, your team is timed to eliminate ‘high-value targets’ with big hp (example: Panzer zombies). In four minutes, your team should’ve killed 3 mini-boss enemies in this objective.

●      Escort

In Escort, your team will escort an unmanned rover and its payload across dark ether passages that’ll appear on the map. Escorting the rover and payload safely will complete the objective. However, if the payload’s health depletes, your team will fail the objective.

●      Defend

In Defend, your team will hold out zombies from attacking a satellite uplink. This will last for 3 minutes. The uplink is usually on the first floor of a building, forcing players to protect and defend the window entries and doorways.

3.   Clear Out Buildings Thoroughly

You’ll feel like sparing straggling zombies to save your ammo. But that’s not a good idea. If more appears and traps you down in a corner, that could be the beginning of your end. However, you can call in your Arsenal or use a Pack-a-Punch.

Since these machines are often inside confined buildings, it’s ideal that you clear out each building thoroughly; you can find out during your cleanup.

4.   Loot Each Area Thoroughly

Don’t leave an area without looting it thoroughly. That way, you’ll find more intel and get more valuables, including ammo. It’s easy to underestimate how much ammo you’ll lose even in a casual zombie fight in the Outbreak.

So, prepare and pick up every valuable you can collect before moving on. Your next area could be unfamiliar and difficult. But with your valuables, you can conquer them as well.

5.   Let Teamwork Do the Magic

Working with a team is one of the best ways to play and enjoy Black Ops Cold War: Outbreak mode. Without a doubt, you can make the most of the game by playing solo. But it’s difficult without assistance.

The outbreak is a co-op game mode. So, acting as one is vital. Resource sharing and communication are your best bet to conquer tough rounds in the Outbreak.


Despite emerging in 2021, Outbreak is still sneaking into the heart of Call of Duty gamers. If you’re wondering how to play Outbreak mode, understand the gameplay and maps first. Secondly, understand and play the objectives.

Before you move on to new areas, clear buildings and loot each area thoroughly; more importantly, work with a team. If you try these, playing Black Ops Cold War: Outbreak mode becomes easy.