How to get verizon hotspot plans? is 15 gb data still available free

In March 2020, Verizon had announced for those customers who were working from home, they had got an increase of 15GB LTE data to all consumer and small business plans made automatically to support them.

Verizon added up to 15GB of data to use from the 25th of March to the 30th of April inclusive, at absolutely no cost at all for postpaid metered customers, prepaid customers, and Jetpack owners. Customers whose plan was for unlimited data will use the added data as a hotspot.

You have to understand that Verizon is giving more data to users of its cellular network who began subscribing in 2015 as well as to small ventures with 50 or fewer connections. Furthermore, those who find it hard to settle their bills at the moment will not be penalized as the company has opted for not charging any extra money when one surpasses not only his package but also when they cannot pay due to some reasons.

CEO of Verizon said;

“We understand the hardships that many of our customers are facing, and we’re doing our part to ensure they have broadband internet connectivity during this unprecedented time,” said Ronan Dunne, CEO Verizon Consumer Group. “With so many Americans working and learning remotely from home, having access to reliable and affordable internet is more important than ever before.”

By May 15, 2024 it does not include 15GB extra data for hotspot. Back in May 2020 this promotion was aimed at assisting customers during Coronavirus pandemic.

But now you can see and buy plans from the Verizon site.