How to edit a PDF on iPhone or iPad

Even though PDFs could appear old-school, they are still largely demanded when it comes to official forms’ stuff, online submissions, and other kinds of documentation. At some times people print them out in order to fill them up after which they scan the completed forms so that it can be mailed.

You don’t need to go through all this complicated process. Simply open and make PDFs on your iPhone conveniently through mark up features incorporated into iOS. You can access these mark up tools by opening any PDF document on your phone and tapping on either the pen or what looks like a pen inside box having three dots icon. Inside this area, you will find drawing utilities together with highlighting zone which let you type.

We’ll take you through these free tools which are provided by Apple and suggest a number of third party applications so that you can be able to use a bit more flexibility. Keep reading for instructions about using Apple’s tools to edit a PDF on iPhone.

Create or open the PDF on your iPhone

Locating and opening a PDF file, which is a necessary prerequisite for editing it, can be done in a number of ways. Maybe an e-mail containing the PDF was sent to you; if so , you can open it on your iPhone by clicking on it in the mail.

Or you might even need to save the page as a PDF yourself, in which case follow these steps:

  • Open the webpage or document.
  • Choose the Share option.
  • Select the Books icon from the share sheet
  • The PDF will be created and it will be saved as a PDF in Apple Books.

Adding a signature to a PDF on iPhone

Adding a signature is a common way in which people edit PDFs, or anything else that needs a signature on it like a contract agreement showing you followed everything written therein, for example. The good thing is, you can do it using an iPhone quite easily. To do this, go into the PDF, and click on the button that says ‘Edit’ (this icon is represented as a circle containing a pen inside it).

  • Now to the ‘+’ icon and choose Add Signature or Signature from the pop-up menu.

In case you have not any previous signatures then select ‘Add/ Remove Signature’ button so that you may be presented either with one of your already created signatures or allowed to make a new one if this is your initial time as a user.

Produce a signature by drawing it anywhere on an iPhone screen using either your finger or a stylus before pressing done. At this point, the signature shows up in the enclosure of the document so slide it there while changing its size to append the signature.

You can also learn how to turn videos into gif.

Add text to a PDF on iPhone

Filling out a text field in a PDF is also easy to do on an iPhone. Using the pen icon and selecting the (Add) Text option this time, though, please follow the steps listed above. You can move this text box on the form, adjust its size and then double tap on the Text section to type in whatever you want.

If you tap on the AA icon located at the bottom row, the text menu will be displayed, this is where you can go ahead and choose the font style as well as the size for the text. Once through, touch any other outside part that isn’t within this square box to leave your text within the format. When a PDF document has been created with fields contained in it, an even more accurate method of entering text exists.

If at first you’re not asked by a pop-up to help in automatically filling the form, then you can touch the AutoFill icon in the shape of a pen inside a box containing three dots so that the information is editable in the fields of the PDF.

what are Best iPhone apps for editing PDFs

  • Readdle PDF Expert: Create, edit, annotate, and merge PDFs. Prices start at $9.99/£9.99 (available on the iOS App Store).
  • ABBYY FineReader: Scan documents, extract text for editing, and edit existing PDFs. Prices start at $2.99/£2.99 (available on the iOS App Store).
  • Adobe Acrobat Sign: Free app to fill out and sign PDFs (available on the iOS App Store).
  • Wondershare PDFelement: Edit, read, sign, and annotate PDFs. PDF Editor and Scanner starts at £6.99 (available on the iOS App Store).
  • Foxit Reader: View, edit, and sign PDFs. Subscription starts at £10.49 per year (available on the iOS App Store).