Siri on HomePod Forgets How to Tell Time


The HomePod is currently having a problem with the simple question asked to Siri: “What time is it?”. Answering the question, Siri replied with, “I’ve found some web results. I can show them to you if you ask again on your iPhone.” Most likely, Apple will resolve the issue. The problem seems to be an … Read more

Apple Vision Pro is about to land in Japan very soon

apple vision pro

Hey! Did you hear about the Apple Vision Pro? There might be some news about it coming to Japan soon. According to Apple Insider, There was a promotion in Japan that didn’t include any Vision Pro accessories. This makes some people think the headset might launch there in early May. We knew it would eventually … Read more

Apple released the fourth beta of visionOS 1.2

Apple releasd visionOs 1.2 beta update

Hello, Apple Vision Pro owners who are also developer beta testers. There’s some exciting news for you from Apple Insider: visionOS 1.2 is ready for download and installation, this time, as the fourth beta build. A matter of days after the last one, here comes this new update. This is the update that replaces build … Read more

Screen sizes of iPhone 16 revealed in new leak

Screen sizes of iPhone 16 revealed in new leak

According to Apple insider Sonny Dickson, a well-known tech leaker, he got his hands on a photo that might reveal the design and screen sizes of the upcoming iPhone 16 lineup! There’s been a lot of talk lately about Apple changing the iPhone 14 and 15 screen sizes. A recent post on Dickson’s Twitter account supports these rumors. … Read more

Third Public Beta of iOS 17.5 released by Apple

iOS 17.5

Apple has made the most recent beta adaptations of iOS 17.5 and iPadOS 17.5 accessible for open beta analyzers. This empowers non-developers to get a sneak look into the program sometime recently, it is formally propelled. These upgrades come a week after ( right after beta forms were rolled out for engineers) the moment open … Read more

Hurrah! iPadOS 18 will finally have a Calculator

iPad 18 will have calculator

Have you heard about the calculator in the iPad update? NO! Here, we have some great news for you from MacRumors. Apple is finally adding a much-needed feature to iPadOS 18: a calculator app! It’s been a while since iPads had a built-in calculator, dating back to their launch in 2011. Users have had to … Read more

Want visionOS 1.2 beta 3? it is available now

visionOS 1.2

The new version of Vision, the operating system for Apple Vision Pro, is now being tested in beta. After the recent release of visionOS 1.1, which fixed issues like the inability to reset the device, the upcoming visionOS 1.2 release is shrouded in mystery. Before the 1.2 release, Spatial Personas were added to all Vision … Read more

The iPhone 16 could have touch-sensitive buttons

Apple 16 to have touch sensor

According to a report by Macworld, there have been rumors circulating about Apple considering the removal of buttons on the iPhone. The idea is to replace physical buttons with solid-state buttons equipped with touch sensors. This concept was reportedly discussed nearly a year ago, with the new buttons not having any physical movement but instead … Read more

Everything about M4 MacBook Pro you want to know

M4 Macbook pro

Apple released M3-series MacBook Pros in fall 2023. Reports are suggesting a faster update cycle, with rumours of an M4 MacBook Pro already circulating. This article will track these rumours and analyze them based on Apple’s current product lineup. According to Macworld’s statement, We can expect to hear more between now and the potential M4 … Read more

Apple Watch to Have a Aew Low-power Display

Apple watch to have a new low-power display

According to Macworld Apple’s next smartwatch is rumored to be the Series 10, or possibly the Series X, following their naming convention for major design overhauls (like iPhone X and OS X). Here’s a breakdown of the leaked features and potential release date: The Elec reports Apple might adopt a low-temperature polycrystalline oxide (LTPO) OLED … Read more