Apple’s iOS 17.5 Beta on the Horizon: When to Expect It

Apple’s iOS 17.5 Beta: A Delay Explained and When to Expect It

Apple’s usual routine of releasing a new iOS beta right after a major update was broken with iOS 17.4. This article explores the reasons behind the delay and predicts when the iOS 17.5 beta might arrive.

Reasons for the Delay

  • Major Feature Tweaks: Apple is revising the app ecosystem changes introduced in iOS 17.4. This includes allowing third-party app downloads directly from websites, a feature not initially planned.
  • EU Compliance: The European Commission’s investigation into Apple’s practices might require additional adjustments.
  • Easter Holiday: Holiday schedules can sometimes impact beta release timing.

What Experts Say

  • Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman suggests “beta 1 development finishes next week,” hinting at a possible beta release in the next two weeks.

Historical Wait Times

  • Past .4 to .5 beta release waits ranged from 1 to 22 days.

Possible Beta Release Window

  • Based on historical data, the iOS 17.5 beta could arrive between April 2nd and April 9th.

Public Release Prediction

  • Assuming a beta release in April, the public release of iOS 17.5 will likely be sometime in May, based on past trends.

In Short

While the delay in the iOS 17.5 beta is unusual, there seem to be valid reasons behind it. We expect the beta to arrive soon, possibly within the next two weeks, with a public release in May.